Cindy Wright, LMP

Astara Wright, LMP

A licensed massage therapist since 1998, provides Swedish and deep tissue massage, integrating a number of energy balancing techniques to further the benefits of your massage. Using a combination of (Donna Eden’s) Energy Medicine, Source Connection Therapy™, Energy Psychology (EFT), Reiki, Psych-K and energy clearing techniques, healing can happen on all levels of your being; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

For appointments:

Phone: 206-370-4555

My office: 6500 24th Ave NW | Ballard | Seattle, WA

I will soon become an DNA Activation and Actualization Practitioner and a Light Body/Merkaba Activation Practitioner. Check back for details!
Freedom By Tapping


"Cindy, you are such a healing spirit!"
- Donna Eden, author of "Energy Medicine"

“WOW!  What a difference I feel in my body and mind. Thank you so much for everything. I feel power in myself again. I slept really well and had a positive dream about my mother (which I never have). What a gift to be able to make myself heal using Read more

“I would like to recommend Cindy Wright for Energy medicine healing. She is a teacher, a healer, and a colleague of mine. I have known Cindy for about 4 years now and each time I have had the opportunity to meet with her, I have been opening to new kind Read more

Cindy shared some of her skills and gave a demonstration at the Washington Holistic Chamber and I was very impressed.  I loved the way she blended information with practical application of her EFT techniques.  She invited me to experience it for myself in front of the group and I was Read more

The Joy of Energy Medicine

I have been studying energy healing, Chinese medicine and "Energy Medicine," as taught by Donna Eden, since 2003 and it continues to fascinate me.  As I use it in my massage practice and in the classes I teach, I am amazed at its simplicity as well as how it  incorporates all areas of one's life.

The Chinese 5 Element system relates to our body, emotions, mind and spirit and is used in acupuncture, Feng Shui, and a number of other meridian therapies such as Energy Medicine and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), which is a form of energy psychology connecting our energy system with our emotions and beliefs.  The 14 main meridians that the Chinese discovered thousands of years ago, have a corresponding relationship to our organs, muscles, and even personality tendencies.

When a client comes to see me, I can determine where there could be energy blockages in the meridians based on where their pain is, which muscle is hurting or tense.  Our bodies are communicating devices, showing us where we have deeper levels of distress in our energy system.  When we are dealing with some trauma or overwhelming situation or emotion, our body will reflect it eventually.  The optimal situation to well-being is being attuned to our state of mind or emotions so that we clear it up before it becomes lodged in our bodies.  Unfortunately, we haven't been taught how to do this.  Our body hurts so we head to the doctor to give us a pill to mask the pain and the underlying reason it's there in the first place.  By taking a proactive stance, we can become attuned to our energy and how we are feeling, the triggers that effect our emotional state, and deal with it, then and there.  There are quick, easy ways to release the negative emotions and change the limiting belief so that your body doesn't become the carrier for it.  This is such an empowering way to live and I am so thankful that I have this gift to give.